Improve your Golf striking with CrossFit

CrossFit Golf is a place where even golfers can come and train, one must not be fooled by so many golf players seen with huge beer bellies, one can use CrossFit to help them to play the game even better. Over the years I have trained many people who play golf and when they started to come to my CrossFit classes they started to tell me how their striking had really increased and they were able to hit the ball and it would go way further than it was going before they started CrossFit training with me.

Countless people who play Golf are unable to strike the ball at a great distance, yes it is most certainly true that many great Golf players do not do any form of CrossFit training, but you should not look at them, as those people are born with the strengths you do not have, for them it’s already in their DNA, when they train their natural abilities it’s inevitable they become even better. When you take up CrossFit and you use it with Golf what happens is you are building some of the strengths that you do have, but they are the ones the Golf players you admire already have, it does not mean if you train CrossFit you will become the next Tiger Woods but it does mean is for 100% you’ll be a lot better than you ever were at Golf just for taking up CrossFit, one of the reason is you’d be using the strength you’ve built in your shoulders, and arms, this would allow you to hit the ball much harder, and more accurately, this is something which you would never have ever achieved had you never ever taken up CrossFit.

When you find you are trying to get better at something, then you find yourself going for lessons every day of the week yet, despite studying and practising very hard and being well into six months still find yourself making little or no improvement, this means you need to change your strategy in the way you train, in this case, we are speaking about Golf. if what I’ve described sounds like you, then CrossFit can help you!